1st Step - Choose the desired product

Locate the desired product through the website's categories, through our banners or simply using our search tool, typing the name, characteristics or product code.
When locating the desired product, click on the image to access the information screen and check the characteristics and technical data.
Click on Product

2nd Step - Product description screen

By clicking on the product photo, the website will take you to the description screen.

Here, you can check the colors, size, model, and also the technical information of the product by scrolling down the page, after checking all the details, use the "BUY" button to proceed with the order

Buy Button Image

Step 3 - Check your cart

In this step, you will see the product you are purchasing (color, size, quantity, value) and you will also be able to add instructions for shipping the product.
If everything is ok, just click on “Checkout” to proceed with your purchase.

cart image

Step 4 - Fill in your details

In this step, you will inform if you are an individual or legal entity, name, e-mail, CPF/CNPJ, contact telephone number, you will also be able to insert a discount coupon, if you have one, check the value of the product, and you will still have the option to edit the desired quantity, if you want to change it.

After making sure everything is correct, click "Continue".

Checkout Image

Step 5 - Shipping address

At this stage, it is necessary to register the delivery address data and click on "Save".

image address

6th Step - Types of shipping

In this step, it is necessary to select the type of shipping and click on "Continue".

picture shipping

Step 7 - Finalize Purchase

After filling in all the requested data, choose the payment method (Debit Card, Credit, Boleto Bancário or Pix) and click "Buy Now".

Image Payment method

8th Step - Order Completed / Ticket Printing

In this step, you will receive your order number. It is important that you always have this number handy when you need to contact the Prosperity Web Store. After completing your purchase, you will be notified via email about all the steps your order is in. For this reason, it is very important that the email entered in your registration is a valid and frequently used email.
If you have chosen BOLETO as your payment method, click on the "PRINT BOLETO" button so you can make the payment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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