Prosperity and its history


In January 2012, the business partner Cleudionir Gloger dos Santos, first started with a physical store in the field of Construction Materials, a company in which he began his activities in São Borja, a city in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, with the fantasy name of Gaúcha Construction Materials , located at Avenida Julio Tróis, 1135, Bairro do Passo, São Borja-RS , initially only trading sand, later operating in the area of ​​trading construction materials in general.

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As it is a dynamic company, management set out new directions, with a vision focused on service excellence, and in pursuit of this new challenge, it underwent structural changes, became more modern, added another store and adhered to the modernization of its management in line with the latest in business management.


Another important aspect of the company's quality policy is the constant renovation of our stores, ensuring trust, product quality and good customer service, our reason for being.


Its reference is a consistent orientation towards the future that it has assumed with all interested parties: customers, employees, suppliers, community and directors.

In May 2022, the company Gaúcha Materials for Construction, today also known as Prosperity Web Store, took another important step and implemented e-commerce, which made it possible for purchases to be made within the site itself, without the interference of a second person. With that, the Prosperity Web Store innovated in the market and invested in a broader niche. Today, it serves the entire national territory, with a commitment to offering high quality products. With that in mind, partnerships were signed with the best brands in the market throughout Brazil and even with major international powers, enabling greater guarantees, lower prices and quick delivery.

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Our main mission is to provide our customers with the best products with quality and safety, through the contact we have with many suppliers, we offer this opportunity to you, future customer, to be able to purchase cutting-edge products at the best price on the market.

You customers are our main focus, which is why we are always transparent, direct and truthful. We believe that commitment is what builds our reputation every day and gives us so much credibility.

We are honored to be able to serve you, provide you with the best experience at the time of purchase and satisfaction guarantee. Acting honestly and being transparent is our main differential.

The Prosperity Web Store is made up of a highly attentive team, we work daily to offer you a variety of products that follow the latest trends in the world.

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We have an excellent customer service, which allows the total approximation of the customer to the desired product. Any questions please contact us:

Address of Physical Stores

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São Borja/RS

Av. Julius Trois, 1135

Bairro do Passo, CEP 97670-000

(55) 3430-3289

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São Borja/RS

Borges do Canto, 868

Bairro do Tiro, CEP 97670-000

(55) 3431-3743


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Team: Prosperity Web Store

Address: Avenida Coronel Tristão de Araújo Nóbrega, 2129

Neighborhood: Passo - São Borja RS - Zip Code: 97670-000

CNPJ: 46.523.628/0001-72


Phone: +55 (55) 99640-8753


Mon. on Sat. 08h to 18h

We will be delighted to serve you and help you.

A big hug from the Prosperity Web Store team.

Prosperity Web Store team