To facilitate and speed up your purchase, the Prosperity Web Store accepts cards of all brands, payment by bank slip and others, learn more:
Rules on the ticket
Our website presents to the customer the Price for Term and Cash , so the customer can compare the savings and choose the option that best suits his needs.
credit card
Here you can pay for your purchases using credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Hipercard, American Express, Elo and Sicredi, and, up to 12x . For your security, we do not store your card number. During the approval process, the number is encrypted and after approval by the administrator, the data is deleted from our computers. In the purchase process, click on the corresponding credit card and fill in the requested data.
Remember if! Every credit card has a purchase limit pre-established by the administrator and the amount recorded is the total purchase and not the installment. Every first purchase will be subject to confirmation of data, which will be carried out after confirmation of the order by the customer, and for this purpose, a copy of documents may be requested from the customer, which will be treated confidentially by the company. The counting of the delivery period will start after the completion of this confirmation of data.
If you don't have a credit card or prefer to pay for your purchases at the bank, your option is the bank slip (cash only). During the purchase process, choose the option Bank slip , confirm your order and print the slip.



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